• Executive Functions and Fitness

    What I really wanted to do yesterday afternoon was talk to my friends online. What I did was jump on the trampoline with my kids. We laughed a lot. What I really wanted to do last night while watching Game of Thrones was pour another glass of wine and have a bowl of ice cream […]

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  • With You in the Struggle

    The half marathon began and everyone moved forward slowly then picked up the pace as we crossed the starting line. Alone with my playlist for the next grueling few hours, I hadn’t trained very hard for this race. Expanding my business while still managing household responsibilities gave me less energy, less motivation for my workouts. […]

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  • Hidden Greatness

    In the 6th century, Roman Emperor Justinian ordered the construction of Yerebatan Sarnıcı, or The Basilica Cistern, an underground cavern under the city of Istanbul. It was an amazing achievement for a city that had been almost entirely destroyed in the massive political riots and fire in 532. It was used to supply fresh water […]

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  • The Strength You Seek Is Inside You

    I want you to look at this picture closely. What do you see? Yes, that’s me doing a Tough Mudder in 2012. I’m in a lot of mud surrounded by yellow strings. Those are not strings. Most of them are live electrical wires, and I’m all by myself surrounded by them. Do you see the […]

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  • The Time I Joined the Track Team

    I was 14 years old, a freshman in high school. After the afternoon bell rang, I would take the shortcut next to the football field on my way home and glance over at the runners and jumpers on the track team in their shortie shorts and spikey shoes doing their thing around the dirt track. […]

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  • 3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Workouts

    Here are 3 basic guidelines to help you take better care of yourself and make the most of your workouts. The more closely you follow them, the better prepared you will be for anything I might throw your way, and you’ll have way more fun. HYDRATE YOUR BODY I know what it’s like to run […]

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  • Meditating in the Target Parking Lot

    My son is obsessed with a few things, and it goes in cycles. Bey Blades, these little fancy spinning tops, Pokemon cards which he stores carefully in binders to show and trade with his friends, those rubber band bracelets, making origami cranes and paper airplanes with corners so sharp they will carve out your eyes. […]

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  • Iron Sharpens Iron

    “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17 I am the daughter of a Baptist minister. I was raised in the church all my life until I started making trouble by being gay. But the church, the music, the language of Scripture, the sermons from the pulpit are in my blood. […]

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  • The Wisdom from Bad Movies and Road Signs

    I saw a really bad movie the other day. A girl (Diane Lane) has big dreams of being in a rock n roll band. So she recruits her sister and her cousin (Laura Dern) to go with a Rastafarian tour manager, performing from one town to another as the opening act for a has-been hair […]

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  • What We Can Learn from First Graders

    As Student of the Week, my daughter Amelia was asked to invite a special person to talk to her class about what the person does for a living. She let me talk to the kids about what I do. They all sat quietly wondering what I was going to say. I knew I had mere […]

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