Personal Training

Most of my clients come to me because they are falling short of their fitness goals and need a little push in the right direction. They stay with me because I help them surpass their own expectations.

My main purpose is to help my clients move so they can increase their functional strength and speed, while decreasing their risk of injury. We do a lot of real-world kinds of movements: squatting, pulling, pushing, moving over and around objects.

I keep workouts interesting and fun. More importantly, I can adapt a workout routine at a moment’s notice to accommodate each clients short and long-term goals.

Please email Susan for more info.   Here are some testimonials:

“Susan re-motivated me with interesting workouts, a sense of humor, and something new every day.  She knows when to push me – just when I feel like giving up and laying down – and knows when I need to back off a bit.  She has helped me get my body back in shape – I feel stronger and have better stamina.  The added bonus is that her workouts are outside, which keeps things interesting and fun!” – Nadia

“Susan is helping me re gain my strength, excitement and trust in recovering from injury and graduate school!  Affordable, fun and I am looking and feeling better every month!
She is patient and works with you-not a cookie cutter program- and pays deep attention to your individual  bodies needs. Plus, Susan pushes me when she knows I can go longer, faster and harder and all I want to do is to lie down on a work out mat and give up.
” – Ratka Mira

My first words to Susan were: “Help me get out of this hole I’ve dug for myself.” Quite literally I had hit bottom in terms of my physical lethargy and confidence. Who would have thought that the following year Susan would be cheering me on at mile twenty of the San Francisco Marathon! Apart from her great training strategies, Susan helped me to get inside of my head and reach for goals this 47-year old never even thought possible.
– Greg

Stronger Than You Think You Are