We are Urban Agility and This is OUR Story!

Urban Agility workouts will help you:

  • Build physical and mental strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Have fun with your fitness
  • Learn techniques that aid in injury prevention
  • Train for specific goals, sports, and events
  • Help you achieve realistic results and real functional strength

    Recent Testimonial:
    “Susan is the only trainer I’ve worked out with so consistently. It’s a rare privilege to get such personalized attention when training in a group. Her workouts are tough, focused, and ensure that your whole body gets attention. Urban Agility was critical to my being able to give birth naturally, and to have the reserves to recover. My baby was born healthy, I lost all the baby weight within a week, and I was strong enough to return to Susan’s circuit classes within a month. The atmosphere at Urban Agility is wonderfully informal and unpretentious. No trendiness, no attitude, and very affordable – all with a strong feeling of community.” – Dawn

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